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Prevent unauthorised access to your email - Email password hacking is happening more and more these days. Once a hacker gains access to your email account he can send send spam or infected emails to your friends and relations and sometimes even read emails you have saved. To help prevent someone from getting access to your email and misusing it, your email password should be at least 12 characters long and contain upper and lowercase letters, one or more numbers and at least one special character such as * or !

This sounds complicated but you could use a name that means something to you and is therefore memorable to you (e.g. street name, place name, etc), giving it a capital letter at the start and following it with one ore more numbers and then a special character such as ! You can check how secure your password is by clicking here.

Novice technology user? Basic technology advice for novice computer users is available at the Technology Basics web site.

Check your broadband speed - You can check your broadband speed by visiting this web site.

Telephone scam - People are still being caught out by the Microsoft Scam. Microsoft will never ring you and tell you there is a problem with your computer (and they will not ask you to allow them to log in to your computer remotely).  More information from the real Microsoft can viewed here.

Like to try another web browser? - If you would like to try another web browser, here are links to install Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

You can go to the Adobe Flash Player website or the Adobe Reader website to install the latest versions.